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We work together so you can feel better.

At MONAMA Health, we provide virtual care for individuals who are looking for holistic, integrative care for their health. 

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Dr. Crystalin Montgomery

Naturopathic Doctor, Licensed Acupuncturist

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Dr. Khivan Oberoi

Naturopathic Doctor

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What Patients Are Saying

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This has been the absolute BEST experience I've had in six years of flare-ups/critical illness from mold and pesticides. Dr. Montgomery has come up with an excellent game plan to help keep the flare-ups at bay. I'm less than a week into the protocol, and I'm already feeling a bit better. I'm so grateful to have found her! Thanks so much.


Dr. Montgomery is caring and super knowledgeable about so many medical conditions. I see her for GI issues. I'd highly recommend her and this wellness center! Rosemary S.


Pleasant environment. The waiting room was bathed in sun and the space was comfortable and inviting. Dr. Montgomery was kind and thorough in her approach with me, allowing my health history to unwind at an easy pace. I didn't feel like I had to hurry or that I had to skim over something important. Her suggestions for moving forward were easy to follow and I didn't feel pressured into buying supplements I wasn't sure I wanted. It was a great first visit.-K.Ulland


Crystalin M. is very easy to talk to, very knowledgeable, and a great listener. I love how your office is able to customize a plan for each person and have it filled with healthy recommendations for the body vs. drugs. I am looking forward to having some tests done to know exactly where my health is, and then to better aim a plan.-Dawn H.


Dr. Montgomery listens, truly listens, explains in laymans terms and uses her intuition to guide her patients toward a healthier lifestyle.-Jen


I have worked with Dr Montgomery for the past 15 months and have made amazing strides turning around decades of poor health. i have suffered with chronic sinus infections my entire adult life, ear infections and strep throat as a child. It was normal for me to be on antibiotics and steroids 4-6 times per year. Dr. Montgomery treated me with such compassion from the first visit. She has patiently laid out a course of action, baby steps, and always clearly and thoroughly explained each test, supplement or treatment. She has also collaborated with my regular doctor on tests, etc. Food sensitivity tests revealed the need for major changes in my diet, not easy, but paying off! In the course of 1 year all of my previously elevated numbers were back in normal range: A1C, cholesterol, etc. I am happy to report that I have not had a sinus infection this winter, truly a milestone. I am so grateful for the help I've received from Dr. Montgomery. P.S. She is also a very gifted acupuncturist! 


Working with Dr. Montgomery has really been a life changing experience - my entire perspective on health and wellness has shifted since I began seeing Crystalin. I have learned so much about how my body functions and what I can do to optimize my own health. It has been awesome to have someone so knowledgeable putting a ton of time and effort into helping me feel my best and become healthier. I genuinely look forward to each appointment and cannot thank Crystalin enough for all she has done!


I have been toying with the idea of seeing a Doctor of Naturopathy for years before finally scheduling an appointment with Crystalin M. It was an experience that has me convinced to return on a regular interval. Dr. Crystalin is a wealth of knowledge that spans all fields of medicine. She is a very personable doctor and a wonderful change to mainline medicine's "get them in and out quick" way of doing things. I advise all my friends to try Naturopathy even at our baby-boomer ages.


Dr. Crystalin Montgomery has been so helpful to us on our journey to better health. We've seen many doctors and she is the most caring and knowledgeable and we trust her completely! We are so grateful for her dedication and commitment to us! We've already recommended her to others because she is simply amazing!


This is based on my experience so far of one appointment and its preliminary process. I have one tiny negative amid an ocean of positives: I had to call and wait a half day to receive the email link to set up my online account, where as it should have been automatically sent. But all is forgiven after my first visit which was everything you wish a doctor's visit to be. Dr. Montgomery was perfectly personable, listened thoroughly, was insightful, and gave a realistic treatment plan which considered all the real-life factors like budget, personal resources, and human shortcomings. I felt like her only focus and that I was being treated for as a person, and not seen as just the medical symptoms. My first appointment was worth every penny of the fee and every second of filling out the surprisingly thorough health history. The business was clean and inviting, as was the receptionist. Seriously, I feel like I won the pick-a-doctor-based-off-nothing-but-a-google-search jackpot.

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